Volume 1 Nomor 1 Tahun 2019

Sistem Pakar untuk Diagnosis Kerusakan Mesin Mobil Panther Berbasis Mobile

Tommy Utama S.H, M.H Hal. RiSeArd13

Abstract - Damage to the car machine happened resulting from negligence in carrying out the maintenance. The owner of the car just realised damage after the car could not operate as it should be. Because of that in the use of the big possibility car needed the periodic maintenance. Means of detecting damage what happened to the car. For example, if the speaking car did not rustle and have the picture why this matter happened, this that pushed the development of the experts system to identify damage of the car machine. Information delivery was then carried.. [ Read More ]

SPK Menentukan Mahasiswa Lulusan Terbaik Di Perguruan Tinggi

Akhmad Dharma Kasman, S.Kom, M.Kom Hal.

Abstract - Salah satu tujuan kegiatan pendidikan dan pengajaran di perguruan tinggi adalah menghasilkan lulusan yang berkualitas. Diantara para lulusan tersebut selalu terdapat satu orang yang menjadi lulusan terbaik di setiap angkatan. Ada kalanya menentukan satu orang sebagai lulusan terbaik diantara sekian banyak lulusan bukanlah pekerjaan sederhana. Tanpa kriteria yang jelas dan transparan, maka proses membuat keputusan lulusan terbaik dapat menimbulkan kecemburuan dan konflik. Penelitian ini menggunakan Analitical Hierarchy Process (AHP) sebagai meto.. [ Read More ]

Fuzzy Simple Additive Weighting Method By Preference Ratio

Dewiit Safitri, S.H, M.H Hal. 13-20

Abstract - Although simple additive weighting method (SAW) is the most popular approach for classical multiple attribute decision making (MADM), it is not practical any more if information is fuzzy. The existing methods of Fuzzy Simple Additive Weighting method (FSAW) apply defuzzification which distorts fuzzy numbers. Furthermore, most of the methods usually require lengthy and laborious manipulations. In this paper, we develop a new a fuzzy simple additive weighting method for multiple attribute decision making problems. To avoid defuzzification round o.. [ Read More ]

Simple Additive Weighting approach to Personnel Selection problem

Akhmad Dharma Kasman, S.Kom, M.Kom Hal. 1-12

Abstract - Selection of qualified personnel is a key success factor for an organization. The complexity and importance of the problem call for analytical methods rather than intuitive decisions. In literature, there are various methods regarding personnel selection. This paper considers a real application of personnel selection with using the opinion of expert by one of the decision making model, it is called SAW method. This paper has applied seven criteria that they are qualitative and positive for selecting the best one amongst five personnel and also .. [ Read More ]