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Tempat, Tgl Lahir : Padang, 1985-08-25
No Telpon : 0812266688262
Alamat Lengkap : Lubug Begalung, Padang
Edisi Volume 1 Nomor 1 Tahun 2019
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Judul Sistem Pakar untuk Diagnosis Kerusakan Mesin Mobil Panther Berbasis Mobile
Abstract Damage to the car machine happened resulting from negligence in carrying out the maintenance. The owner of the car just realised damage after the car could not operate as it should be. Because of that in the use of the big possibility car needed the periodic maintenance. Means of detecting damage what happened to the car. For example, if the speaking car did not rustle and have the picture why this matter happened, this that pushed the development of the experts system to identify damage of the car machine. Information delivery was then carried out used equipment mobile with ask for request from user. This Request will be processed in the system afterwards results will be sent again to the user by being put forward in the equipment screen mobile. It isHoped this system could give information that was optimal from reciprocal user and the system. This research could it was hoped give information of all the matters that be connected with the problem of machine damage quickly and efficiently in a timbal manner good between user and the system but stayed optimal although in small device.
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